Action Homeless prepares to mark milestone 50 years

This week Action Homeless will mark its 50th anniversary. Founded back in 1973, Action Homeless estimates it has provided over 20,000 people facing homelessness with a safe place to live in Leicester.

This week, a special ceremony on Thursday 30th November, will bring together supporters, beneficiaries, colleagues and partners to mark this milestone and celebrate the impact of the charity on the local community.

Chief Executive Officer, Mark Grant, who has led the charity over the last ten years said;

“The anniversary is an opportunity to reflect on the positive contribution that the charity has made in Leicester and Leicestershire over the last five decades and to think about the many individuals and families who we’ve helped to find a life free of homelessness.

At the same time, we recognise that homelessness is something that continues to devastate the lives of people locally and we renew our commitment to delivering secure homes and personalised support which breaks the cycle of homelessness.”

The charity started small in early seventies, when local people identified a need to offer those sleeping on the streets with somewhere safe and warm to stay. Today, Action Homeless provides over 230 individuals each night with a safe place to live alongside personalised support which helps them to find a more secure home.  Recognising that everyone who experiences homelessness has differing needs, the charity has developed a wide range of projects and support services over the years to cater to this. This year, Action Homeless opened its Community Lounge at Engage, a space where people affected by homelessness can come together for support and connection.