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Homeless or at risk

If you are facing homelessness or worried that you might be in the near future, it is important to seek help as early as possible. There is a single pathway response for people facing homelessness in Leicester and therefore as a first step we recommend that you contact Leicester City Council

Call 0116 454 1008. Lines are open Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm. If you are homeless in an emergency outside of these hours, please contact Leicester City Council on 0116 221 2770 for assistance.

If you lived in Leicestershire county, rather than city, before you became homeless you may need to contact one of Leicestershire’s District Councils. Contact details can be found here.

If you are moving on from asylum accommodation with refugee status please find some helpful information here.

Still need support?

Most of our services form part of Leicester’s Homelessness Pathway and should be accessed via Leicester City Council’s referral route

A small number of our services can be accessed directly. If you’d like to chat to someone about these further, please contact us;

Call 0116 2211857 (line is open Monday – Friday from 10am until 4pm)
Email AHDutyDesk@actionhomeless.org.uk

You can also take a look at Leicester’s Homelessness Charter’s Services Directory which details a range of support services offering help with a range of different issues in Leicester and Leicestershire.

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