A community of shared experience and a safe place to call home

Paul had been married for 25 years when he experienced the breakdown of his relationship and had to move out of the family home. When he found himself without a home, Paul was at a very low point and did not want to continue living. In addition to his mental health being very poor, he also had a physical health condition which resulted in him getting admitted to hospital and then to the Bradgate Mental Health Unit. After some time spent there Paul received support from Action Homeless and the Community Transitions Project. This is short-term supported housing for people leaving the Bradgate Mental Health Unit. The accommodation consists of self-contained units and a communal kitchen, garden and laundry. The support service is centred on the needs of clients.

Paul said that the specialised nature of the nature of the project was particularly important to him, and that the support of Action Homeless was a constant reassurance. Paul said that coming to the project was magical because it was so secure, and that he didn’t feel homeless from the moment he arrived.  He said that it gave him the opportunity to get better, to blossom and to focus on his mental wellbeing. He also enjoyed having the companionship of other housemates and the opportunities that this presented to help and support each other. Paul feels that he would also like the opportunity to pass on his skills and knowledge like this in the future.

Thanks to Action Homeless and the specialised support they provided, Paul is now going to be moving in to his own home. He explained that for a long time the concept of home had been a ‘future’ thing, and now it is a reality. Action Homeless and his Support Worker were able to give him all the information he needed to find the right support for his situation, and navigate the difficult and often unfamiliar processes of experiencing homelessness for the first time.  Paul is now looking forward to the opportunity to make his own choices, as well as a sense of independence and fulfilment in his life.

“If there wasn’t somewhere like this, I wouldn’t have survived”