Consistent and personalised support

After leaving custody and experiencing a period of rough sleeping, Ben was referred to Action Homeless by the Local Authority. He had been fighting for custody of his child since becoming homeless and he had faced a number of obstacles including difficult mental health issues including PTSD and had struggled with substance misuse. He was receiving Universal Credit and Personal Independence Payments when he first came to Action Homeless.

The team at Action Homeless provided emotional support to help better manage his stress, to try to resolve conflicts and to help him settle into his new home as smoothly as possible in what was an extremely distressing time. The team encouraged him to engage with external services such as the charity Turning Point, a GP and various Mental Health services.

He also received support when completing a Housing Application form as the team discussed options outside of the Housing Register, and helped facilitate contact with Child Social Services by helping him to use computers provided by Action Homeless.

Since arriving at Action Homeless, Ben has moved into independent accommodation within the private rented sector. He has made huge progress and has made a number of positive changes including working for a construction company, training at the gym regularly, participating in charity boxing matches, and he has stopped smoking cannabis completely. He now also has regular contact with his son whilst the custody court case is still ongoing. He will often seek the support and advice of Action Homeless as we have supported him across all aspects of his journey and will continue to be there for advice and support in the future.

Now in a stable home, Ben’s future goals are now focused on his construction work as well as building relationships with his children, partner and friends.

*Name changed to protect identity