Regaining independence and the skills to live her own life again

Sophie became homeless after leaving an abusive relationship where she had no control over her own finances or day to day decision making. She had been living outside of the UK and was isolated from her family, and although she was able to return to them, she was not able to stay with them permanently. When Sophie arrived at our centrally located hostel she was very anxious and lacking in confidence. Living in mixed accommodation with shared facilities did not help this, and she very rarely left her room.

Sophie was encouraged to attend our Engage Wellbeing Hub drop in sessions. These regular sessions allow people experiencing homelessness and living in temporary accommodation to get support with various day to tasks such as phone calls or IT related issues, as well as completing applications for more permanent housing. The drop in sessions also offer a relaxed and welcoming environment to simply pop in for a hot drink and a chat to our Wellbeing Hub Coordinator and volunteers. She was able to receive support in starting an application for permanent housing in the local area, close to her daughters in a quieter part of town that she feels safe in.

Sophie has gained confidence through building relationships with staff, and being moved to one of our smaller supported accommodations has helped her feel more at ease.

She has been attending our regular Women’s Wellbeing Sessions at the Engage Wellbeing Hub, and she says these are a nice distraction for her and that they feel like a safe space. Sophie has also been attending an English Reading and Writing course at a local college to help with her literacy skills and dyslexia.

Although there are some nerves associated with starting over again and building a new life, Sophie is excited to have control of her finances and decisions again, and is good at communicating how she is feeling and what she would like to happen. She enjoys taking her grandchildren to school, and is grateful for support that her family can provide such as accompanying her to appointments. She is looking forward to moving into a permanent home of her own, and continuing to be close to her family.