Support at every step of the journey

This Action Homeless resident came to the charity with alcohol dependency and they struggled to maintain living independently. He had faced homelessness before, had offended and struggled greatly with his mental health. After moving to his own accommodation, this resident struggled to fit into a world outside of a homeless community and the environment of a hostel.

When he came to Action Homeless, the team worked to support this resident with his move. When the resident had moved into his property, he received wrap around intensive support from the team. This has been provided though daily housing support, activities to enrich his life and to foster a more positive mental health. He has received support at every step of his journey, including being referred to Turning Point and being accompanied by a member of the Action Homeless team at his appointments. His support team have now set up alternative options to enable him to access rehab group phone calls, which has eliminated previous barriers to rehab.

This resident is working extremely well with Turning Point and he has completed all the work needed for rehab. With such positive engagement from the resident he should be in rehab soon. He is keeping up-to-date with his bills, rent and he is maintaining the tenancy well too. He is also engaging with community activities which is improving his mental health. A number of these positive changes have been made independently, with the support of our team when needed.

His next steps in life are to go to rehab and detox, and to then become a better father for his family and to set a positive example for his teenage daughters.