Moneywise Plus: Help managing your money

This week we are featuring the work of Moneywise Plus a project funded via The Big Lottery and ESF, that works in partnership with Action Homeless to improve the on-going digital and financial competence for people unemployed or economically inactive

This case study shows how our Moneywise Plus advisor was able to help someone better manage their money and obtain a laptop, removing a barrier that was in the way of them achieving their goal of teaching.

What did you need Moneywise Plus to help you with?

I was living in temporary accommodation with Action Homeless after returning to the UK after some time abroad and wanted to be able to fund a TEFL exam and a laptop. I was also waiting to be offered a property and needed help with my finances and obtaining essential items as I had returned to the UK with nothing.

Why was this a problem and how was it affecting you?

Due to the position I found myself in, I had no means of supporting myself and wanted to be able to teach and support clients abroad online. I had been volunteering abroad teaching English. I had developed medical problems and also due to my age I was convinced that this was the only type of work I would be able to do.

I felt very depressed and frustrated and I had no hope for the future.

How did your Moneywise Plus advisor support you, what did they do for you?

Initially we looked for grants and contacted a few charities, but unfortunately I could not get funding for a TEFL course or laptop.

I was then offered a part furnished property and the advisor helped me to sort out some essential items and help with budgeting and paying my bills.

Due to unforeseeable circumstances I needed to move again and needed help to obtain white goods and sort out my bills. With help I sorted out my council tax benefit and applied to a discount with Severn Trent. All this has helped me to manage my money better, although I still struggle with the small amount of benefits.

The advisor has also helped me to write a CV and job search. However, my health has deteriorated further and I am not sure I can work for the immediate future.

During the COVID 19 outbreak my advisor became aware of more funding and has successfully managed to obtain a grant for a laptop for me and I am trying to budget so that I can pay for a TEFL exam.

What did you learn whilst receiving support?

I have learned to be more organised with my paperwork and I have set up an area to keep my bills and keep track of what I pay and to whom. I have also become more assertive and been able to think ahead. For instance, my electricity supplier wanted me to pay on a certain date and I told them that was not convenient and arranged a date to suit me

How are things different for you now? What has changed?

I have more hope about the future and I feel less isolated. As soon as the laptop arrives I will be looking to take a TEFL exam and hoping to be able to get some work from home.

I also feel that I am getting on top of my finances and therefore have less anxiety about this.

How do you feel about your future now?

Although I feel that I have some work to do i.e. pass a TEFL course, my future is looking better than it has for some time.

On benefits I could only see that I would struggle for the rest of my life, where now I have some hope to be able to improve my life.

Funded project via The Big Lottery and ESF, Moneywise Plus works in partnership with Action Homeless and other organisations who all share the aim to improve the on-going digital and financial competence for people unemployed or economically inactive.

If you have experienced homelessness and would like to receive further support, please contact our specialist worker and Moneywise Plus Advisor, Pamela Nixon for additional support and advice. Pamela can be contacted via email: