Close to one million meals provided for families during lockdown.

Action Homeless helped provide close to one million meals for local families during lockdown.

Funding from DEFRA led to purchase of 938,385 meals for local food banks during the extended lockdown.

Government and Local Authority funding has provided a vital lifeline to tens of thousands of people in Leicester during the COVID-19 pandemic and has allowed Action Homeless to play a key role in providing emergency food to the city.

Action Homeless received £93,150 from DEFRA which has enabled them to supply 15 food banks and community groups in Leicester with six tonnes of food a week since the beginning of June. By the end of the grant, food totalling 54 tonnes will have been purchased and distributed around the city.

Support for local food banks was boosted by Leicester City Council who, by the end of June, had provided £260,000 worth of food as part of their support for local groups and the vulnerable people in the city.

In all, this funding has enabled groups across the city to give around 177,000 meals out each week.

However, with DEFRA funding finishing at the beginning of August, local food banks are going to need community support more than ever.

Mark Grant said “This funding has enabled food banks across Leicester to provide crucial support to thousands of people in Leicester during a difficult time. We were delighted to receive this funding and it has been a privilege to support the hard work of dedicated groups across the city.

Sadly, with some funding coming to an end we are having to find ways to fill a deficit of around £9000 worth of food a week at a time when need is expected to increase.”

Additional funding for local food banks has been found through the Martin Lewis Foundation and generous public support from a crowdfunder run by the charity. However, as the furlough scheme ends and people are hit by further hardship, support for food banks is going to be more vital than ever.

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