Helping People Find Permanent homes

Part of our work is to offer high quality temporary housing for people who are homeless or threatened with homelessness and need a safe place to live while they look for a permanent home. Our specialist staff team are on hand to provide people with the support they need to leave homelessness behind for good.

Samuel became homeless after a relationship breakdown meant he had to leave the home he shared with his partner. After leaving his home, Samuel stayed on friends’ sofas or rough slept when he couldn’t use them.

Action Homeless staff first spoke to Samuel when he contacted our Duty Desk for advice about his situation. To ensure we could offer him the right support, staff spoke with other agencies that were helping Samuel to find out more about his needs. We invited him to apply for a home that we felt would best meet his needs. Shortly afterwards he moved into his own self-contained room in a shared house.

Samuel was suffering from depressing and anxiety as a result of his relationship breakdown, alongside problems with substance misuse. He was already getting help for these issues from local support services, however, once he had the security of a home we saw significant improvements in his health and wellbeing.

Support staff worked with Samuel and his Housing Options Officer so he could make steps towards his goal of getting his own home. They helped him get to a place that meant, earlier this year, he was able to able to start looking at where he would like to move to, with the security of knowing he was safe and supported.

Samuel moved into his own flat last month and when he last spoke to staff he said that he was feeling happy and settled.